Hi! I'm Mad!


I do the things.

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I make original art.

Whether they're on canvas or in Snapchat, you can recognize my paintings by their bold, bright colors, and by subject: I mostly paint art from my travels, but sometimes I'll paint the odd sea creature, flower, or person. 


I do commissions.

So, I make original art... specifically for you! Or your business. Portraits of people, homes, and pets. Big logos. Big murals. You name it. My favorite commissions are the kind where you give me a photograph or an idea and tell me to "put my spin" on it.


I make maps that tell stories.

I'm a data person. And when I run across some juicy data, or a story that needs telling, I open up ArcGIS Online and get to work.


I travel the world.

Not the whole world--at least, not yet. I've yet to touch Africa, Asia, and Australia. Someday! Check out my travels here.


I sing well and play ukulele poorly.

I played flute in high school, but I love to sing and you can't do both at the same time, so I learned the ukulele, sort of. A little. 


I dive with Sea Shanty.

I always thought I'd be too afraid to SCUBA dive, so I didn't try it until 2016, when I got on a "DON'T LET FEAR STOP YOU" kick. So glad I did; under the sea is the most peaceful place. The Sea Shanty in Norman, OK, is my dive shop of choice.


I work on brownfields.

Like a lot of artists, I have a day job! And it's pretty cool. You know that run-down building or gas station hanging out at the edge of town (or downtown) of every town ever? I help cities make those into something cool. Ask me how.

Researching and Writing

I keep in touch.

I send out a monthly newsletter to the people who choose to receive it. And, I'll text you once a week with new paintings if you'd like. You'll always be able respond just to me, not to a big group. And not to a sales rep. I don't have one.


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a taste of my art

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I make art for explorers and explorers at heart.

All paintings from my trips are geotagged and available for viewing in a Google Earth Project.

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Norman, OK, USA

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