The Oklahoma Historical Aerial Digitization Project is my current GIS baby. You can read about the project here or skip straight to exploring the Inventory and downloading photos.

I also do GIS for the OCC Brownfields Program.

TREAT YOSELF: I recently bought a personal ArcGIS license, and have been putting it to good (?) use. Back in November, I made some weird surveys and made those into one big, weird map. I also plan to make maps and apps related to travel and diving.

Before buying a personal ArcGIS license, I used Google Maps to create maps of things that interest me, such as:

Environmentally-Friendly Living & Building

...and where to find the best chicken fried steak.

The Oklahoma South Central Arc Users Group is an excellent group to be a part of if you live in Oklahoma or Texas and use GIS. I have served since 2018 on the OKSCAUG Steering Committee as Assistant Conference Coordinator.

I was lucky enough to attend the 2017 ESRI User Conference in San Diego. I was also unlucky enough to have my phone stolen in Tijuana the same week, so I don't have any pictures of the incredible plenary session that included, among others, incredible speakers Geoffrey West and Richard Saul Wurman

I was even luckier to attend the 2017 SCGIS Conference in Monterey, where I met incredible, fun people from all around the world who are doing very important work for habitat and wildlife conservation.

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