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Commissioned paintings, commissioned drawings... You name it, I'll make it. Or I'll get you to someone who can.


I specialize in hypercolor portraits of special people and places, but mostly I specialize in giving you exactly what you want.


If you've got an idea for a commission, please fill out the commission reservation below by clicking "Register Now" and then adding 1 ticket per commission idea at the bottom of the registration page.


Or, if you'd like to discuss it first, please call or text me.

Commission Reservation
Commission Reservation
My commissioned pieces can be unique gifts and beautiful statement pieces for your home.

Grab your spot in my commission lineup today by clicking "Register Now" in the event panel. Reserve before Jan. 1, 2023, to get the pricing below:


6x6 -- $90

8x8 -- $130

10x10 -- $170

12x12 -- $220

16x16 -- $350

18x18 -- $420

20x20 -- $490

24x24 -- $670

30x30 -- $960

36x36 -- $1,330

48x48 -- $2,300



 8x10 -- $170

9x12 -- $200

11x14 -- $250

12x16 -- $300

16x20 -- $410

18x24 -- $520

20x24 -- $580

24x36 -- $930

30x48 -- $1,420

36x48 -- $1,720

36x60 -- $2,170

These prices are for canvas acrylic paintings, wired to hang, in strip frames. 

Shipping is NOT included in the prices above.

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