My day job as Project Coordinator (and GIS Specialist) for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission involves A LOT of GIS. My favorite part of GIS is the ArcGIS Online tools, namely, Story Maps. A few of my cooler maps and apps are below.


NOTE: If you're into GIS, the South Central Arc Users Group is an excellent group to be a part of. If you live in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi, you're in the SCAUG area. But even if you don't live in those states (or even the USA), being a SCAUG member is an incredible value because you get tons of free online training courses. Full disclosure -- I have served since 2018 on the OKSCAUG (Oklahoma branch of SCAUG) Steering Committee as Co-Conference Coordinator, and since 2019 as Oklahoma Representative to SCAUG. I also helped redesign their website. And I'm unveiling something REALLY COOL at our 30th Anniversary conference in April. Stay tuned.

I was lucky enough to attend the 2017 ESRI User Conference in San Diego. I was also unlucky enough to have my phone stolen in Tijuana the same week, so I don't have any pictures of the incredible plenary session that included, among others, incredible speakers Geoffrey West and Richard Saul Wurman












I was even luckier to attend the 2017 SCGIS Conference in Monterey, where I met incredible, fun people from all around the world who are doing very important work for habitat and wildlife conservation.

Anyway, here are the mappity map maps:

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