Taos, 5AM
  • Taos, 5AM

    5x7 acrylic on canvas board


    This is a little 5x7 of a gorgeous 5am sunrise in Taos, out the window of an AirBNB we stayed at in January 2019 with our friends. Little did I know that later that day, due to terror, exhaustion, and vertigo, I'd be on a Blue route on Taos Ski Mountain's slopes, sliding down on my side like a fat cat being dragged on a leash. Yes, ski patrol yelled at me to ski like a normal person, but I was way too terrible to be able to comply. When I **finally** got down I handed over my skis and spent the rest of the time shopping and chilling while Colin and Phil sHrEdDeD tHe FrEsH pOw, DuDe.


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