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My books are currently open for commission requests, but I will not be looking at them until July 2024 (too busy prepping for shows! :) ). My books will close on September 30, 2024. So if you'd like me to make an unforgettable gift for someone you love (even if that someone is yourself), let me know below! 

Commission Inquiry

Feel free to browse the pieces below or see more of my commissioned paintings here.


Please note the prices below are 2023 prices. The prices for 2024 will be slightly higher.

* Ask about payment plans! *

Any 6x6     $90.00

Any 8x8      $130.00

Any 6x12      $140.00

Any 8x10      $155.00

Any 10x10    $175.00

Any 9x12    $195.00

Any 8x16     $220.00

Any 12x12     $235.00

Any 11x14    $245.00

Any 12x16    $300.00

Any 10x20    $310.00

Any 16x16     $390.00

Any 12x24    $410.00

Any 16x20    $435.00

Any 18x18   $450.00

Any 20x20    $560.00

Any 18x24    $585.00

Any 15x30     $600.00

Any 20x24      $660.00

Any 24x24      $775.00

Any 24x36     $1,100.00

Any 30x30     $1,300.00

Any 30x40     $1,600.00

Any 36x36     $1,700.00

Any 30x48     $1,800.00

Any 36x48     $2,100.00

Any 30x60     $2,200.00

Any 36x60      $2,600.00

Any 48x48     $2,800.00

Any 36x72     $3,100.00

Any 48x60     $3,500.00

Any 60x60     $4,300.00

These prices are for canvas acrylic paintings, wired to hang, in strip or floater frames if necessary. 

Shipping is NOT included in the prices above.