Place-based paintings, drawings, and more.
Paintings and drawings of and on faces.
Plants of this world and others.
Animals large and small, real and non.
These snaps are not just for Elle, they're for you, too!
(i.e. things that don't fit in any of the other categories)
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welcome to my


What would you like to do?


tour it is!

In 2019, after painting regularly for three years, I officially started my art business, Mad World Art Ltd. Co.

I mainly paint high-chroma depictions of the beautiful things I've seen during my travels.

I also enjoy painting sea creatures and mermaid-themed things, thanks to my SCUBA diving hobby and art affiliation with the Sea Shanty Dive Shop in Norman, OK.


I'll occasionally paint an interesting person or flower.

I also create a lot of paintings inside the social media app, Snapchat. Some of these get turned into real paintings. Some don't. 

All of my art is available on Fine Art America as prints and products.

Let's start this tour with a nice look at the art that people like me can afford:


under $100

Although I do think of my art as my babies, I don't think there are any ethical issues with me picking my favorites... These are my favorites.

featured work

Here are all my paintings that exist in the physical, 3D world. you can pick them up and hold them. Strap them in the car, take them out for ice cream, etc.

real-life paintings

Here are all my "digital fingerpaintings" that I create in Snapchat. they only exist as 1's and 0's (unless you print them on something over at Fine Art America). They are all digital, like the new millennium. Sometimes I turn them into paintings or bags, but not always.

snapchat paintings

Here's a style right in the middle of full-on paintings and Snapchat paintings: ink drawings! I love me a good Pilot G-2 05 and a stack of post-its.

ink drawings

Back when I started painting in 2016, I started with watercolors, which, as some people have told me since, makes me a insane, as they are notoriously difficult to control and master. But, they were the only kind of paints I had. The kind that come in a plastic dealie with the 8 ovals or whatever. Luckily, my first 9 mini watercolors came out wonderfully and I sold many prints, which encouraged me to continue with art. After that, I've tried watercolor a few times, and it's pretty hit or miss. It's a frustrating medium for me because I have nowhere near the control I have with acrylics, which is rough when I have a very specific vision.

But sometimes... the watercolors come out perfectly. These are them.


This seems as good of a place as any to show you some of my travel art. I get to travel a lot for work, and I also travel a lot on my own, and everywhere I go, I take photos. When I get home, the photos that are painting-worthy get pulled into a specific folder, to be created later. My hope is to sell enough paintings from my travels to make enough money to keep on traveling... so I can make more paintings, and sell them to make money for traveling... ad infinitum. To see the whole world. That's the goal.

However, most of my travel art is best viewed over on this page, as you can easily filter by trip. And speaking of trips, all my travels are mapped out in an ArcGIS online web app that I made, if you'd like to see where I've been.

And, most of my travel art is geotagged and ready to be explored in 3D in a Google Earth Project!

travel art