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Plants of this world and others.
Animals large and small, real and non.
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welcome to my VIRTUAL GALLERY

A female artist with bright red hair paints a landscape in a beautiful mountain vista.

I absorb and display the awesome ambient emotions of places. When I recreate real landscapes and cityscapes, I play with flattened perspective, high-chroma color fields, and simplified geometry to capture everything from chicory-colored catharsis to shimmering pink bubbles of electric euphoria.


I would like my art to evoke curiosity and grant peace.


I would love it to provoke appreciation for the world around us, as well as a visceral desire to explore that world.


In case I succeed in the latter, I have used my professional background in GIS to create a massive Google Earth Project that displays all my paintings of real places at the exact GPS coordinates of their reference photo.


Venturesome viewers may travel the world to recreate the compositions that moved me.

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I make art for explorers and explorers at heart.

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Wynnewood, OK, USA

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