Aloha Surf Hostel
  • Aloha Surf Hostel

    This cute hostel is on the road to the Road to Hana, from Wailea, Maui. Why were we in Wailea, you ask? Well, my travel partner traveled A LOT for work, and so had racked up hundreds of thousands of United Airlines and Hilton points. Aaaand the only Hilton property on Maui, near where our friends were getting married, was the FREAKIN' GRAND WAILEA. Just image two Oklahoma kids driving a granola biodiesel Jetta up to the Grand Wailea, where they VALET PARKED IT every single time and that's the general vibe for our stay there. (Cue Radiohead singing "I don't belong here...") 

    But, the biodiesel Jetta did well on the Road to Hana, and allowed us to stop often to snap pics.


    Acrylic on canvas, 11x14 in white floater frame


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